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Perluas Zona Kenyamanan Anda

From birth a baby elephant is tied with a rope to a wooden post planted in the ground leaving it confined to very small space.  Soon the elephant learns that he cannot break the rope.  This space defined by the rope becomes the elephant’s comfort zone.

As the elephant grows up it could easily break the rope, but it does not even try because it was conditioned as a baby to think that it could not break free.  As a result, the large elephant remains restricted and confined in a small space.

This metaphor can be used to describe what happens to human beings as we become trapped in a comfort zone.  The elephant can easily break the rope and we can easily leave our comfort zone.  Just as the elephant's space determines what it can do, our comfort zone determines what we are capable of achieving.

In order to expand our potential and succeed in life, we must expand our comfort zone into unfamiliar territory.[sumber tulisan] 

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