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By On
I just a woke up from my dream.
I think, maybe it was God's way of telling me that if someone is my soul mate she would not be anywhere else. Maybe that's also how God comforts the middle of heartbreak I experienced lately since abandoned by someone who I love very.

But, the question until I get out of bed right now is, why the dream is the dream of marriage? It is a dream I'm married to someone who ever existed in my past life before. Well, even though he is not someone who ever loved me before, but why should I get married with her in my last night dream's ? Yeah, I think maybe God wants to tell me that when I was paired with someone, eventhough  in my past life  that person is not someone who is special and I know well, but that's way we call it such as "a mate", that's why people often say "when it's mate would not be anywhere" (kalau jodoh pasti tidak akan kemana)

Now, I believe what we call it as a soulmate, I really thanks to God for what you've told to me with last night dreaming. I believe that my special girls is still on Your Hands, so please whould you like to show me wich one of many girls around me or maybe in my next life is my soulmate ? please show me the signs that she's my mate fo future life. 

Right now, what should I do is prepare my future, do the best in my duty, jobs, collage and social  for my better and best life tomorrow. What in my mind now is do best for my job, duty as a teacher in school and as a student collage in university, and as a child of my mom and dad, and as a big brother of my young sister and brother. This is my life, this is the way I live my life.


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